HOW DO YOU throw a brick through the window of a bank?

AI images

“been at the mercy of a kind of terrifying crushing and tearing of consciousness... unable to connect anything, to assemble anything in my mind or still less to express anything”. So, HOW DO YOU throw a brick through the window of a bank?

Luni has two names in this world. For her, reality, dreams, and dreams within dreams are all equally real. Luni likes to listen to Yung Lean, perhaps because she is also often trapped by the experiences of alienation, nostalgia, loneliness, and grief in her teenage memories.

This sequence of images is an improvised labyrinth, which is incapable of constructing a high building upwards. It exists in the small, random town where Luni lives. I scrambled to pick something, using the music, images and texts Luni provided as the trigger axes, extracting their imagery, vocabulary, colors, and materials, allowing them to be disrupted and glued together, and then assembling them in DALL·E.

This combination is a boring trick for the young to spend their time, pointing to a ritual and to a void, which mixes contradictory emotions: killing time or cherishing time, setting up rituals or fighting them, self-soothing or self-defeating. These materials come from an unsubstantiated world, but they can shelter our will, to experience the passions and failures of fantasy.