Artist Bio

Muyang Teng (they/them+) is a multifaceted creator—poet, translator, photographer, and filmmaker—residing across Changzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Den Haag. As a person who grew up during China's rapid globalization, drawing deeply from Sinophone Studies, they engage with intoxicated thinking, the creolization of theory, and critical fabulation to explore diverse, living theories and seek the 'others.'

Their current scholarly and creative pursuits span Queer Sinophone Studies and delve into themes such as the nuclear family, Daoist conceptions of the body, and the cultural production of 'toxicity,' as well as broader topics within queer/sex ecologies. Through their work, Muyang deconstructs oppressive systems using fragmented storytelling that embraces emotional drift. Their characters, often portrayed as fated to fail within the prevailing 'world,' serve as mediums to highlight nuanced subjectivities.

Employing disruptive methods like hacking, glitching, unworlding, and mocking, Muyang challenges and seeks to redefine entrenched societal norms and colonial viewpoints. Through their dynamic and transformative approach, they contribute to a critical reimagining of cultural narratives and identities. They are going to do their second MA in Contemporary Art Practice and Theory, at Dutch Art Institute.


2017 - 2022 BA Digital Media Arts, Academy of Film and Creative Technology, XJTLU, Suzhou, China

2017 - 2022 BA Digital Media Arts, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

2022 - 2024 Master Fine Art & Design: Lens-Based Media, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2024 -              Master DAI Art Praxis, ArtEZ, Arnhem, The Netherlands


+31 0647681716
+86 18896502825

CV Available Upon Request