Octopuses on Ecstasy


In a state of anxiety, I embarked on a journey of self-reflection and decided to create a video addressing my trauma and complex emotions surrounding intimacy. The video portrays a mix of capitalist fantasies and nightmares, exploring the intersection of flesh, sexuality, intimacy, and cybernetics in a post-human world.

I incorporated various elements into the video, such as random shots, internet images, including homosexual live images, advertising images, and sounds of the city at night, insomnia, depression moments, etc. The live homosexual discourse depicted in the video narrates everyday acts and symbolizes a hidden sociality within the queer relational life and the potential of utopia. The use of Canto/Hokkien Pop culture from the 1980s and 1990s in the video taps into the nostalgic imagination of queer identity in LGBTQ China.

The images in the video represent vibrant fluids and currencies, functioning as mediators for virtual interactions and embodying what Preciado refers to as "orgasmic forces" in the pharmacopornographic age. Ironically, the video was quickly identified as "sexual stimulation" and removed from Vimeo after being uploaded.