Secret Rendezvous


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In the year 2020, our existence was marked by uncertainty and transition. The COVID pandemic and civil unrest forced us to stay in one place. As an immigrant living in a multicultural community, I understood the feeling of being in-between. The outbreak and quarantine took a toll on my mental state. An astrologer made me realize that my fear of intimacy was rooted in my unconscious self. To confront this, I created an online presence called 'Jonathan' and used it to explore my anxieties and anger. I created a website with a letter, case study, and visual works inspired by a Japanese novelist. Despite being confined at home, I saw modeling as a way to conquer fear. 'Jonathan' represents a collective identity that is constantly evolving. In the midst of global protests and the liminal space of cyberspace, we are questioning and reimagining our reality. Even though our future choices may be limited, we can still find new ways to shape our subjectivity.