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Experimental Film

The crushed world is undergoing ecological recession, with technology at its peak. A scientist had created a new earth. Amber's mother, a painter and recluse, mysteriously disappeared after giving birth to her. When Amber was three years old, human moved to the new earth. The world renewed from the darkness is still following the same old disastrous road. Amber tries to find the secret behind her mother and herself.

Quantum entanglement may be able to explain the existence of such things, which are not limited by four-dimensional space and regard time and space as nothing. So, I guess that our souls must have some energy pulling each other on this lonely planet, not bound by four-dimensional space. Perhaps love is evidence of a higher dimensional creation that we are not aware of. Love is the only existence we can feel.

This life is like an online game, until the day you "log out", what you can give back to the game is the belief and focus in your heart every time you make a choice. Every battle may be lost in a moment, but a different adventure is accompanied by a whisper of the highest will, and if you are ready, god will say where is the ultimate key.

Hermits of every generation will eventually meet. They are heart-to-heart.